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Who we are

We are a group of six special friends who, for years, have been sharing passions and joyful but also difficult times.

We think that together life is better and that it is worth living by sharing true and sincere values. 

In short, we are just six friends who really love each other. 


We are Anna, Marco, Patri, Leo, Nico and Bruno. 


A few summers ago, during a hot and sunny day in Salento, while we were lying down on a beach with crystal clear water,
Dugongs’ lifestyle was born.  

Dugongs is a way of life, our way of life. 


We all have jobs of great responsibility, which we face with commitment and which take up most of our days, but we have realized that we would have loved to spend part of our lives together.  Out of all tourist destinations and between two nature reserves we found the villa which could have been our natural habitat. 


Yes, because Dugongs’ world is light and childish: it means cooking together, sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine, dancing, singing and lying on the terrace looking at the sea or the stars on summer nights. It is a rich world: made of journeys spent together and journeys to lands yet to be discovered; of love and respect for nature, which we commit ourselves daily to safeguard. 


We are brothers who have found each other in the course of life.


In this historical moment, where a distance between people is required by recurring health emergencies, we have decided to open the doors of our home to everyone who wants to stay with us and spend the holiday in our paradise in perfect Dugonghi’s style! 
Our five independent apartments can give several friends the opportunity to spend the holiday in this wonderful environment, side by side but separated at the same time. 


We can’t wait to meet you all, for a Dugonghi’s lifestyle!

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