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versione 1 15/05/2020


Dugonghi Srl CF/ VAT number 03275650731, company registration number TA-204858, with registered office in Manduria (TA), Localita Torre Colimena Via del Porto 3/5, hereinafter referred to as the "lessor"



- to be the owner of the housing units located in Manduria in Torre Colimena (Ta) registered in the Real Estate Registry on sheet 145 with maps: 

513 sub. 2 Via del Porto n.SN p.S1 Cat.A/3 Cl.4 V.4, energy certification N. 7301221000118396; 

513 sub. 7 Via del Porto n.3-5 p.S1 Cat.A/3 Cl.4 V.4, energy certification N. 7301221000118399; 

513 sub. 9 Via del Porto n.SNC pT Cat.A/3 Cl.4 V. 5.5, energy certification N. 7301221000118408 ; 

513 sub. 11 Via del Porto n. SNC pT Cat.A/7 Cl.3 V.3.5, energy certification N. 7301221000118405, reporting the previous sub.8, unchanged as regards its consistency ; 

513 sub. 12 Via del Porto n. SNC pT-1 Cat.A/7 Cl.3 V.6.5, energy certification N. n. 7301221000118386, reporting the previous sub.1, unchanged as regards its consistency; 

- that the aforementioned Energy Performance Certificates were drawn up and sworn by the accredited certifying body and entered in the regional information system of the Energy Cadastre on 17 March 2021, valid until 17 March 2031; 

- who intends to rent the aforementioned housing units individually for tourist purposes pursuant to art. 53 Legislative Decree 79/2011 (Tourism Code) in the context of non-hotel accommodation activities; 

- which intends to regulate the methods of the agreement, the content and the execution of the contract for the unit described below with the following clauses - general conditions of the lease for tourist purposes; 

- that the conductor/end customer declares to have read and accepted the following contract conditions which, read carefully, deems them fair and accepts them in full: in fact, the system does not allow booking without first confirming the acceptance key, both premised


1. PREMISE.The premises are an integral part of the general contract conditions and constitute regulatory and mandatory content for the parties. 

2.LEASE FOR TOURIST PURPOSES.The property is leased for exclusive non-hotel tourist purposes for the duration and fee (price of the stay) established in the online booking, which is an integral part of these general conditions also for the exact identification of the real estate unit , better described there. 

3.PROHIBITION OF SUBLET.The client/tenant is strictly prohibited from subletting the property covered by the contract or from granting it to third parties on loan, for use or for any other reason. 

4.LEASE NOT EXTENDABLE. Given its nature for transient tourist purposes, this contract will cease upon expiry, meaning as of now canceled on the date of end of stay. 

of Dugonghi Srl, the reservation is considered canceled without the obligation on the part of Dugonghi Srl to notify the customer / tenant in any way. 

6.BALANCE OF THE FEE.The balance of the entire rental amount (the cost of the rental, including the tourist tax if required) must be paid in advance or at the exact moment of delivery of the keys to the real estate unit, by payment by credit card, debit card or debit card, paypal (in cash only in relation to any tourist tax). Failure to pay the balance in full upon arrival at the facility constitutes a condition of termination of the agreement reached with the online booking and of this contract, with the lessor Dugonghi Srl having the right not to hand over the keys and, therefore, the real estate unit, to the customer / tenant, and to ask him for the full price of the stay, the advance payment being an essential element of the contract. As a consequence, it is Dugonghi Srl's right to grant the "unpaid" apartment to third parties.  

7.NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT, WITHDRAWAL AND DISCIPLINE OF THE DEPOSIT. In the event of early withdrawal by the customer/tenant from the current lease at least 30 days before the start of the stay, the deposit paid, where applicable, will not be returned; in the event of withdrawal after this deadline or failure to show up at the check-in within the terms set out below, the customer/conductor must pay the agreed sum for the entire amount which, by express agreement, is to be considered non-refundable, therefore constituting advance payment of the entire rental period. 

In case of booking through commercial channels other than the Dugonghi Srl website, the terms and conditions provided by said commercial channels accredited by Dugonghi Srl will apply. 

If, for any reason, during the lease relationship, the client/tenant were to release the property in advance of the expiry date, he will not be entitled to any refund for the unused period. 

Secure Booking/Cancellation:in the event of an increase in cases of contagion from Covid-19 or from another epidemic recognized by an express provision of primary or secondary standardization by the competent State or Regional authority which prohibits travel or establishes a lockdown, the customer/ tenant can request: 

- the issue of a Voucher, for an amount equal to the deposit paid, valid for a new booking for the current season or the next summer, based on availability and conditions on the website;
- within 20 days before arrival, the total refund of the amount paid as a free cancellation;
Flexibility: within 30 days before arrival, it is possible to change the date only once, even for personal reasons, based on the availability and conditions on the website

8.DELIVERY AND DELAY. It is mandatory to notify Dugonghi Srl customer service if the apartment is not taken over on the day established in the booking. Dugonghi Srl has the obligation to keep the leased property confidential for 24 hours following the date and time of arrival indicated in the contract. If no time is specified, the 24 hours will expire at 3.00pm the following day. In case of failure to take delivery of the keys within and no later than 24 hours after the start of the lease, the deposit paid by the customer / tenant is understood to be completely lost and there is also the obligation for the same to pay the agreed sum for the entire duration of the lease. In the event of unavailability of the apartment or breach of contract by the company Dugonghi Srl, the amount of the deposit will be returned or an apartment equivalent to or higher than the same economic conditions defined in the booking summary will be offered to the customer/tenant._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

9.NUMBER OF GUESTS AND PETS. It is forbidden to stay with a greater number of guests than those foreseen by the rented apartment. Dugonghi Srl, through its collaborators, reserves the right to check the actual number of guests who will occupy the rented apartment, which may in no case exceed the maximum number foreseen for the rented apartment and indicated by Dugonghi Srl In case of finding a higher number than the maximum foreseen for the rented apartment, the client/tenant is required to pay a penalty of €.500,00 (five hundred/00 euros) for each person exceeding the foreseen maximum , except for greater damage, and the contract must be considered terminated due to the client/tenant at the very moment of the emergence of this circumstance, with the consequent obligation of the client/tenant to immediately vacate the apartment and, in any case, with exemption from any and all liability to be borne by Dugonghi Srl in any case deriving from the improper use of the housing unit. 

Pets are allowed only if communicated in advance by the client/tenant and with the approval of the company Dugonghi Srl, since not all apartments are suitable for welcoming them. All guests are also required to observe the generally applicable condominium rules, especially the rules relating to quiet during the afternoon (from 2.00 to 4.00 pm) and at night (from 00.00 to 08.00)._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

10.DEPOSIT FOR DAMAGE AND STATE OF THE PROPERTY. To guarantee the good conservation of the apartments and the furniture and fixtures and fittings and systems included therein, upon delivery of the keys the customer/lessee is obliged to pay a deposit of €.250.00 (two hundred and fifty euros/00) only and exclusively through credit card pre-authorisation. The apartment must be left in perfect order with furniture and fittings in their original place and with cleaning at the customer's/tenant's expense, in any case free of rubbish or any waste, with the dishes washed and the fridge defrosted. The client/tenant undertakes to return the apartment in the same state in which it was delivered upon check-in and to promptly notify the landlord of any damage, problems, malfunctions, missing tools or other. Dugonghi Srl will provide for the repair/restoration in the shortest possible time, always compatibly with the availability of material and technical personnel. The security deposit will be released together with the return of the keys, with the release of the real estate unit by the customer/tenant, in the times and in the manner prescribed by the reference circuit, after verification of the apartment by the staff of Dugonghi Srl. It may be reduced an amount equal to the same pre-authorized deposit for the reimbursement of any damage caused or for the lack of cleaning of the apartment, the kitchenette, the crockery or the inadequate disposal of waste or any other damage caused to the apartment or furnishings , equipment and systems contained therein, always subject to any greater damage. The lessor reserves the right to contact the client/lessee, even after his departure, to exercise the rights referred to in this clause. 

11.PRICES AND EQUIPMENT OF THE APARTMENTS. The prices in the price list are per apartment and are intended for a week's stay, including initial cleaning. If previously required, with the additional cost of €10,00 per person per week, which will be paid onsite, it is available an initial supply of pillowcases and sheets, as well as the possibility of using two bicycles per apartment with the additional cost of 50,00€ each per week. The rental is subject to the payment of a 50,00€ deposit, which will be payed onsite. The rental is subject to the payment of a 50,00€ deposit, which will be payed onsite.
The price does not include parking, which is available outside the structure in accordance with the terms of the municipal administration. If the administration will allow it, Dugonghi S.r.l. will submit a proposal for a discounted parking, available on the street in front of the villa.
The reservation cannot be less than a week in accordance with article 12 of the Tourism Code. All apartments are fully furnished, equipped with hot and cold water and electricity, equipped with basic crockery, kitchen or kitchenette, refrigerator, dishwasher, flat-screen TV, air conditioning. Iron and the others optional will be available only if specified in the technical sheet of the apartment. Linen and bathroom set are not included in the rented units. 

12.DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY.The customer/conductor exempts Dugonghi Srl from any liability for events that may occur during the stay not attributable to the fact and will of the same, as well as exonerates it from liability for events caused by force majeure which may force it to cancel the booking, in his faculty. Dugonghi Srl is also not liable for any theft or damage suffered by the customer/tenant during the stay, as there is no trust in the custody of goods of any kind. 

13.DISCIPLINE IN THE EVENT OF HEALTH EMERGENCY.The customer/host will not be able to withdraw from the booking in the event of an increase in the event of health emergency. In this regard, reference is made to the provisions of article seven. 
The right of withdrawal of the customer / tenant will exist only if it is recognized by an express primary or secondary standardization provision by the competent State or Regional authority which prohibits travel or establishes a lockdown. Otherwise, in the event of a worrying health emergency but in the absence of government measures, it is up to the lessor to decide whether to cancel the reservation in order to protect the health of customers and people in general. In this case the lessor could return the deposit to the customer or provide a voucher of the same amount, unless the obligation of one or the other solution is imposed by a state law that has intervened in the meantime. 

14.USE OF THE SOLARIUM TERRACE. It is permitted to use the Terrace located on the top floor of the building from 09.00 a.m. till 09:00 p.m.; to each apartment will be guaranteed the full avaibility of the solarium for one evening per week, according to the established calendar. 
Access to the terrace is prohibited to unaccompanied minors under the age of sixteen. It is also forbidden to climb on the small tower and access the demarcated area intended for the placement of the photovoltaic panels.
Dugonghi S.r.l. reserves the right to regulate at its sole discretion, and eventually prohibit, the use of the terrace for the benefit of customers/tenants, also in relation to the trend of potential health emergencies declared by the competent national or supranational authority: in any case, in a period of health emergency, the use of the terrace is not allowed without the prior explicit consent of Dugonghi S.r.l. and cleaning and sanitizing by and at the expense of any authorized user is imperative with complete exemption from liability by Dugonghi Srl. 

15.ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMESA. Upon delivery of the keys and payment of the lease, the client/tenant must show his own identification document and that of the other guests, which will be verified in relation to what has already been attached at the time of online check-in. The apartments will be made available from 15.00 to 20.00 on the day of arrival indicated in the online form (to collect the keys, the Dugonghi Srl reception service must be contacted at least the day before arrival) and must be vacated by and no later than 09.00 on the day of departure, in perfect condition as indicated in article ten. The keys will be returned by the customer / tenant where indicated by the staff. In case of arrival before 15.00, early check-in may be allowed, subject to telephone or telematic communication, but not entry into the apartment, which will always take place from 15.00. Should the arrival be delayed, however, it is mandatory to notify the Dugonghi Srl reception staff at the reference numbers indicated in the information email received before arrival. 

16.JURISDICTION. Dugonghi S.r.l. will not be responsible in the case of disrespectful behaviour and violation of the stated rules and could take action against anyone who caused any damage to the structure or to the other guests.
For any controversy that may arise regarding the execution and interpretation of this contract, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Taranto is agreed between the parties.

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